Nearly 50 aspirant motoring journalists have attended my one day introductory lectures on Motoring Journalism. Some of their feedback:

Brett Cowell – “My sincerest thanks for your lecture on motoring journalism, it was incredibly insightful and exactly what I needed to hear. It has helped massively in my understanding of the industry, its challenges and its opportunities, and has made me even more excited to develop my skills in this area. Your insights into all aspects of the industry were a particular highlight, and the stories you have to tell of your experiences….. what a journey!
You have painted a fair and unbiased picture of motoring journalism, and have managed to keep me excited. Thank you so much for your support and assistance after the lecture as well. Sharing your passion with us has been incredibly humbling.

Ernest Page – “I’ve attended Hannes Oosthuizen’s course twice. The first time was as someone trying to get in to the industry, the second time was as a person that had newly entered the industry. On both occasions it proved helpful and insightful. I got the sense that Hannes was not in this for the glory or money, but simply to pay forward the knowledge he has amassed in the industry.  

My writing has improved not just in the bare bones sense, but more in a sense of knowing WHAT to write and WHEN to write it based on the publication and context. 

It can be a reality check for some, but if you, like me, have a burning desire to write and talk about cars for a living, you now have the chance to get training from a motoring Jedi.

Daniel Calbacho – “After years of reading CAR magazine it was a great honour to have met Hannes, the wisdom and insight he imparts in his lecture has assisted me in my career and I am truly grateful.

Neo Puto – An invaluable investment for all budding motoring journalists.

Karl-Ryan Furlong – You will leave Hannes Oosthuizen’s candid lecture feeling both inspired and mindful about heading into a career in motoring journalism – what you won’t leave with are any unanswered questions. I’d recommend it to anyone interested in a career in motoring and writing.

Matt Black – A crash course in knowing what skills and abilities it will take to get you into the motoring journalism game and be competitive.”

Dhashalan Moodley – “An honour to be in the presence of Hannes Oosthuizen, who captivated all the petrol-heads present with his brutally honest and candid account of the life of a motoring journalist. All in all, a fun and insightful day where many new friends were made and tales of tyre-shredding, shared.”


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