Credit where credit is due…

A very interesting article was posted recently by Drake Nolte, titled “We’re killing Automotive Media”.

You can read that article by clicking here.

Drake raises a number of important issues that all up-and-coming journalists and photographers will face. Most importantly, he ponders whether we are perhaps not placing a bigger value on content “sharers” than those people that actually create the content. After all, it is much easier to keep a site/blog/page populated with content if you don’t have to take the time to create that content. So the rise in these types of platforms were to be expected.

The problem is clearly that not enough value is placed on good, original content and… ultimately, that value needs to be monetizable for the creator, otherwise those that produce great content will simply leave the automotive media industry, leaving consumers with a collection of aggregating sites that repost increasingly mediocre content. That’s the way we’re heading…

It is not a problem that is easy to fix and I certainly don’t have the answers, but be aware of the reality if you’re entering this industry. Making a name for yourself and merely getting a foot in the door may require you to under-value yourself initially, to get access. But provided your work is excellent (which is a rare commodity in this industry) there will come a time when you should draw a line.

It also raises another topic, namely the importance of always building on your own brand and increasing your value. But that’s for another day…



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